DB Option: We traded binary options on DB and this is our honest opinion

Last week, we decided to test trading binary options on DB Option. We did this for you, thinking that you may be looking for quick ways to earn extra income or multiply capital, but you still believe that this financial product is too good to be true.

The truth is that we also thought so, but we were surprised. In this article, we are going to give you a real look at what it’s like to invest in binary options. You will understand the basics of investing, what are the differentials that we noticed in DB Option and how our results went.

We need to point out, however, that we are not selling any products and we are not part of any affiliate program, so our assessment will be based completely on our actual experience with the platform. If you want to know what it’s like to really trade binary options with DB Option, just continue reading the article.

Trading binary options on DB Option

DB Option aims to offer a very simple and not bureaucratic binary options platform. For this, the platform chose to make available only the High/Low type and what we consider the best reference assets to operate, cryptocurrencies.

We chose Bitcoin (BTC) and, as such, we only had to estimate which way the price of the digital currency would go against the dollar, up or down. Later in this article, we’ll see how our results turned out. What is surprising, however, is how DB Option manages to make the entire investment process fast, secure and without bureaucracy.

The experience

As we said, the high point of DB Option is the simplicity and less bureaucracy of the investment. They achieved this by incorporating cryptocurrencies into every process on the platform.

Below are some of the highlights in our experience:

The registration

DB Option does not ask for personal information, email, address or documents from users. All other platforms require a huge amount of data from their users. We liked that a lot because we’ve always been wary of giving out too much information about ourselves.

The deposit

The deposit on the DB Option platform is made only in cryptocurrencies. For those who are not familiar with them, it may seem like a complication, but the truth is that it makes everything easier.

We made a MetaMask account and in less than 5 minutes we had already purchased $30 in Bitcoin. Connecting to the DB Option platform is even more practical, it doesn’t last even 1 minute.

The whole process is fast, automatic and almost free of charge. Since binary options companies are usually located in other countries, if we didn’t use crypto, we would have to use credit cards, pay taxes and wait for the approval. The way DB Option uses it is, in addition to being more efficient, is safer.

The withdrawal

The major problem with almost all binary options platforms is precisely when the user withdraws profits. The other companies tend to block payments and this becomes more and more likely the higher the earnings.

At DB Option, however, our withdrawal did not depend on any approval and was almost instantaneous. Again, this is because of the use of cryptos for all transfers.

It seems to us that it is impossible for them to block payments because the funds will always be in the Blockchain system and there is no way for them to stop users from being paid. This is a huge plus.

High profitability

One last highlight that caught our attention was the high performance of the platform compared to competitors. It is common for other platforms to offer a return of only 70% of the capital invested in the High/Low type. DB Option, on the other hand, offers returns that can reach 100% of the invested capital in certain situations.

In addition, operating by depositing and receiving in crypto has the possibility of double gains on the investment. A successful Call operation (when we believe that the price will rise), for example, generates the profit of the trade plus the profit of the appreciation of the crypto that we are using in that range simultaneously.


Investors will certainly not get lost accessing DB Option. We were impressed with the amount of information and tutorials about the platform that the site offers.

We needed to know, in the first moment, how to create a crypto wallet and connect it to the platform, but in a few minutes, we already had all the information we needed through a super easy-to-follow video. In addition, the platform offers tutorials on how to buy cryptos, make deposits, operate and withdraw.

Free and instant deposits;Only crypto assets;
Immediate withdrawals and no blockages;
Does not require personal information to operate;
Extremely simple dashboard;
24/7 support;
Possibility of double earnings with the appreciation of cryptos;
Possibility of earnings above competitors;

Our results

We will now see how our results were operating binary options with DB Option. As we said, we deposited a total of $30 in BTC and, to make it easier, we are going to describe the operation always using the dollar.

We also use Bitcoin as a reference asset. The return on operations was at 80% of invested capital. In the first trade, we applied $10 and were successful with a Call, which gave us a return of $18 and an appreciation of 0.02%, totaling $18,036.

In the second operation, we applied another $10 and we were also successful with another Call. This gave us a trade return of $18 plus the 0.05% appreciation, totaling $18.09. Finally, we applied another $10 in a Call operation and were unsuccessful, so we lost that amount.

Ultimately, we entered $30 and walked out with a total of approximately $36.10 in less than 5 minutes, a yield of 20.33% in less than 5 minutes. It may seem like little, but it is because we apply little and we recommend that beginners do this. However, if we had invested $500, we would have made a profit of $100 in just a few minutes of trading.

  • 1st Trade: $10 → $18.036;
  • 2nd Trade $10 → $18.09;
  • 3rd Trade $10 → $0;
  • Total $30 → $36.10 in less than 5 minutes.

DB Option – Final words

DB Option pleased us more than we expected. It is a binary options broker that does not require any form of bureaucracy for the user to operate. All you have to do is register, which does not require any personal information, and start trading.

Deposits, investments and withdrawals are all in cryptocurrencies, which makes transactions extremely fast, cheap and secure. In addition, with this system, the broker cannot block user payments, which is the biggest problem for all competitors.

On the DB Option website, you can find the most diverse tutorials on how to use the platform, connect the crypto wallet and trade. It is really very easy and any user will be able to make their investments. Its only problem is that cryptos are the only reference assets, but we believe that today digital currencies are the best options in the binary options market.